Hello All, and Welcome to my Criminal Justice Study Abroad Blog!! (Wow that was a Mouthful!!) I will attempt to keep as up-to-date with this blog while overseas as possible!! We leave for London, England on May 8th... I, along with my Mom and Uncle, will be in Ireland the Weekend of the 13th-15th... Return to London for the week... & Head home to Nebraska on May 22nd!! I have never been out of the Country so I'm Super Excited for this Adventure, and Happy to Share it with All of You!!

Ready... Set... ADVENTURE :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


     Okay so here it is... Finally a post with some visuals!! I'm just going to post a few of my favorite pics with a short description... Hope you like!!

Me & Momma Web getting ready for Take-Off from Chicago to London!!

Part of the Beautiful Gardens in the Moat at Windsor Castle!

My First Cider in London! Absolutely Delicious :)

One of the Streets in Oxford, it reminded me of the Sturgis Rally, but with Bicycles instead of Motorcycles.

The Birthplace of Shakespeare in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

A View from the top of one of the Towers in the Warwick Castle.

A COBBLER in one of the Rooms in Warwick... I couldn't help myself :)

One of the Prison Cells in the Charring Cross Police Station!

Learning some defense techniques from some of the Officers at Michael Messinger Hall.

A night at the Theatre, Dean and I went to see the Lion King at the Lyceum Theater! It was absolutely spectacular!

The wig on the left is a typical Barrister wig, while the one on the right may be worn by Judges, Queens Solictors, or for ceremonial duties.

My Mom & I at the Tower of London!

A picture of Elton John in the Vault at the Hard Rock Cafe... This just makes me Laugh!!

Mom & I at Wicked at The Apollo Victoria Theater! Another amazing performance I was lucky enough to see while in London!

Wading in the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park.

Our last trip to Russell Square on the Underground... Such a Love/Hate relationship, but still a very sad moment!

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